Early Bird Meditation online

Thursdays, 7.30-7.45 AM, via Zoom

Meditate while riding to work or meditate before working, for a relaxed and serene start into the day. Stream the easy to follow, guided meditation, conveniently from your safe home or while travelling.

Meditation in Motion Für mehr Achtsamkeit, Ruhe und Entspannung.  In 8050 Zürich Oerlikon. Meditationskurse und Meditations-Ausbildungen.
Meditation helps to create a distance between you and your feelings and thoughts. You can step out of the carousel of thoughts and gain control of your thoughts an feelings. A consistent practise helps to stay relaxed, stay tuned into yourself and more self-centered.
All good reasons to attend the "Early Bird Meditation": a short 15-minute meditations session via Zoom. Price: CHF 5.-/session

Meditations in English

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